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Uniroyal Car & Truck Tires For Sale Known for dependability and outstanding wear at affordable prices, Uniroyal tires consistently exceed expectations.


The Tiger Paw® family of passenger car and minivan tires provides a comfortable, quiet ride, long-lasting treadlife and all-season traction on the highway and around town. Ride in confidence with outstanding everyday performance that’s designed for your style of driving.

Uniroyal tyres in Dublin

Tiger Paw® Touring

An affordable, long-lasting passenger tire that provides a quiet, comfortable ride on the highway and around town.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • Reliable performance in all seasons
  • Evacuates water fast for optimal traction on wet pavement
  • Offers durability and reliability on the road

Uniroyal tyres in Dublin all season tire

Tiger Paw® GTZ All Season

Ultra-high performance affordability meets all-season reliability.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • High-performance handling and stability in all seasons.
  • Long-lasting tread life and balanced wear
  • Dependable high performance technology within a sporty design

Tiger Paw® AWP 3 Dublin RG Motors

Tiger Paw® AWP 3

An affordable everyday tire that offers long-lasting all-season driving.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • Long, even treadwear with a mileage warranty
  • Reliable handling and stability in all seasons
  • Reduced noise for a quiet, comfortable ride


Coming Soon! Available at select dealers.

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Tiger Paw® AWP II

A longtime favorite available with a classic white sidewall design.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • All-season tire available with a Classic White Sidewall design
  • Delivers a quiet and comfortable ride
  • Long, even treadwear with a 65,000 miles warranty

Whatever you have, we have a tire for it.